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Archbold, Scott (2016) An investigation into the accuracies and limitations of different methods of connecting to datum. [USQ Project]

Boylan, Richard (2016) An evaluation of the performance of two different global satellite navigation systems, Trimble’s CenterPoint RTX and a conventional network RTK system. [USQ Project]

Breinl, Anton (2016) UAVs in pipeline design and rehabilitation of construction corridors. [USQ Project]

Connell, David John (2015) Production of semi-real time media-GIS contents of natural disasters using MODIS satellite data. [USQ Project]

Trent, Stephen Wade (2015) Assessment of habitat factors and development of a species distribution model for the long nosed potoroo (Potorous tridactylus tridactylus) in SEQ. [USQ Project]

Topp, Michael James (2014) LiDAR data for DEM generation and flood plain mapping. [USQ Project]

Goold, Bradley (2014) An innovative intelligent system for child care & safety applications using ZigBee Wireless Sensing Networks. [USQ Project]

Bell, Mitchell (2013) Accuracy of a machine guided grader. [USQ Project]

Stanley, Thomas (2013) Assessment of the FARO 3D focus laser scanner for forest inventory. [USQ Project]

Sussanna, Vittorio (2013) AUSGeoid09 performance in mountainous regions. [USQ Project]

Burke, Maxwell James (2013) LiDAR data for DEM generation and flood plain mapping. [USQ Project]

Hautsalo, Kari (2013) Evaluation of the performance of different global satellite navigation systems (GNSS) for Australian GNSS users. [USQ Project]

Marion, Michael (2011) A comparison of AUSGeoid09 and AUSGeoid98 in the Hawkesbury Valley. [USQ Project]

Penman, Brian (2011) Calculation and comparison of the noise and latency of RTK observations using radio link and NTRIP. [USQ Project]

Morris, Mike (2011) Implementation of electronic measurement and recording of strata title field notes. [USQ Project]

McDonald, Matthew (2011) Investigation into the limitation of measuring to 360 Degree prisms using automatic target recognition technology. [USQ Project]

Millard, Aaron (2011) Property rights, cadastral boundaries & coastal erosion in New South Wales. [USQ Project]

Ledger, Allen (2011) The development of a high precision terrestrial laser scanner calibration range at USQ. [USQ Project]

Nixon, Phillip (2011) Using sun observations to set an azimuth combining and comparing Automatic Target Recognition in a Total Station with GPS observed time and position. [USQ Project]

Stanley, Matthew (2010) An investigation into the Australian height datum on Ballina Island. [USQ Project]

Huntley, Matthew Mark (2010) Mapping cycling pathways and route selection using GIS and GPS. [USQ Project]

Kiongoli, Said (2010) Testing the accuracy of machine guidance in road construction. [USQ Project]

Morrison, Scott James (2010) The development and testing of a high precision ellipsoidal - Australian height datum deformation grid for real time GPS applications. [USQ Project]

Campbell, Andrew Charles (2009) Deriving a high resolution DEM from ALOS PRISM data. [USQ Project]

Camplin, Tony (2009) Development of methods to monitor continuously operating reference station antenna stability. [USQ Project]

Koschel, Michael (2009) Investigation into reliability of AUSPOS coordinate data (specifically height). [USQ Project]

Ling, Damian James (2009) Investigation of the Riegl terrestial scanners - uses and limitations. [USQ Project]

Munro, Frazer (2009) Localised geoid modelling using GPS and precise levelling data. [USQ Project]

Hopson, Matthew (2009) SCADA and RFI interference on RTK surveys. [USQ Project]

Wall, Adrian (2009) The use of a terrestrial laser scanner in an open cut mining environment. [USQ Project]

Dunwoody, John Ernest (2009) Detection of Greater Bilby (Macrotis lagotis) habitat in South-West Queensland using remote sensing imagery and geographic information systems. Coursework Masters thesis, University of Southern Queensland. (Unpublished)

Heng, Fook Hai (2008) 3D Terrestrial laser scanning for application in earthwork and topographical surveys. [USQ Project]

Mayo, Benjamin Marc (2008) A Review of a cadastral boundary adjustment software program. [USQ Project]

Long, Geoffrey Michael (2008) Deriving land use and land cover maps from 2.5m SPOT 5 imagery. [USQ Project]

Steger, Jason P. (2008) Deriving transformation parameters for existing survey co-ordinate systems in the Australian Capital Territory. [USQ Project]

Pickford, Jeffrey (2008) How to establish map projections to facilitate the use of GPS on ground-based surveys. [USQ Project]

Bissett, Michael James (2008) Investigation on utilising real time kinematic (RTK) global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) for electronic distance measurement (EDM) baseline calibration and traceability of measurement. [USQ Project]

Kelman, Oliver (2008) Measuring and monitoring of grain silos using laser scanning and total stations. [USQ Project]

Harris, Bruce Robert (2008) South East Queensland waterways, land use and slope analysis. [USQ Project]

Black, Jamie Richard (2008) Validation of the Sydnet, continuously operating reference stations for use in global navigation satellite system surveying. [USQ Project]

Price, Daniel (2007) A comparative review of attributes of engineers in senior management roles. [USQ Project]

Maunder, David (2007) An investigation into the establishment of a continuously operating GPS reference station at Dubbo City Council, Central West NSW. [USQ Project]

Boitshoko, Daniel (2007) Extracting spatial information from aerial video imagery for monitoring riparian areas. [USQ Project]

Temple, Christopher Jed (2007) Impediments to identifying freehold land rights in N.S.W. [USQ Project]

Breddin, Ian Stewart (2007) Property rights and the littoral zone in Queensland. [USQ Project]

Dunwoody, John Ernest (2007) Spatial analysis of woody vegetation land cover change in Crows Nest Shire, QLD. [USQ Project]

Johnston, George Finlay (2007) Wildlife vehicle collision GIS mapping & modelling. [USQ Project]

Rolph, David Gordon (2006) A comparison of DGPS correction sources in South Eastern Queensland. [USQ Project]

Reynolds, Jeremy (2006) Accuracy assessment of VRS in a dynamic environment. [USQ Project]

Carter, Andrew William (2006) Application of geographical information system in underground coal mine to assist operational management. [USQ Project]

Hayllor, Nicholas (2006) Development of a low cost GPS guidance system for use in agriculture. [USQ Project]

Nelson-White, Greg (2006) Abandoned shafts study (Charters Towers): a spatial solution. [USQ Project]

Inglis, Rientz (2006) Evaluation of VRS-RTK GPS latency in a dynamic environment. [USQ Project]

Trent, Stephen Wade (2005) A habitat suitability index model for the trapdoor spider species, 'Arbanitis variabilis'. [USQ Project]

Tanoi, Levei (2005) A model to establish a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) testing and validation center at the University of Southern Queensland. [USQ Project]

Wilson, Maree (2005) Applications of geospatial information technology for fire risk assessment and management in NSW. [USQ Project]

Tozer, Paul (2005) Assessment of the feasibility of a terrestrial scanner in underground and surface mining at BHPB Cannington mine. [USQ Project]

Stimela, David Master (2005) Developing a methodology using multi spectral remote sensing data for mapping vegetation change - a key variable in soil erosion mapping. [USQ Project]

Fenwick, Wayne (2005) Evaluation of control for the adjustment of the digital cadastral data base (DCDB). [USQ Project]

Clague, Stephen John (2005) Investigation of relationships between skid resistant deficient pavement and aggregate by GIS and statistical analysis. [USQ Project]

McGovern, Mark (2005) Spatial analysis of Tasmanian Devil facial tumour disease. [USQ Project]

Wong, Alan (2005) Using GIS to explore the relationship between road grade and accidents. [USQ Project]

Jin, Tao (2005) GIS for house hunters: a case study in Toowoomba. [USQ Project]

Pena, Mario de la (2005) Historical identification and mapping. [USQ Project]

Gibson, John Martin (2004) Mapping of an old mine site for heritage purposes. [USQ Project]

Knox, Donna (2004) 3D terrain visualisation and virtual fly-through for tourism conservation using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). [USQ Project]

Stephens, James Finlay (2004) Accuracy evaluation of 3-D laser imaging scans. [USQ Project]

Masters, Jason Scott (2004) GIS based cadastral planning. [USQ Project]

Barney, Debra Kaye (2004) Identification mapping and evaluation of timber bridges in the Wide Bay District. [USQ Project]

Almenhali, Salem (2004) Mapping the distribution of general practitioners and their billing pattern in the Toowoomba District. [USQ Project]

MacGregor, Cameron Scott (2004) Risk mapping in the Condamine River catchment basin. [USQ Project]

Rasphone, Akchousanh (2004) The analysis of Neighbourhood Watch structure using Geographic Information System (GIS). [USQ Project]

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