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Hourigan, Karen (2016) Effect of distributed photovoltaic embedded generation on the electricity distribution network. [USQ Project]

Taylor, Scott (2016) Implementation of negative phase sequence protection in the high voltage distribution network. [USQ Project]

Close, Andrew James (2016) Operational characteristics of surge arresters within high voltage substations. [USQ Project]

Nicholson, Phillip (2016) Power quality improvement using a STATCOM inverter. [USQ Project]

Dethan, Jacob Febryadi Nithanel (2016) Mathematical modelling of the nickel iron battery. [USQ Project]

Jiang, Jennifer (2015) Demand Management Storage Project (DMSP) – an application of grid scale battery energy storage systems. [USQ Project]

Accendere, Robert Peter (2015) An Investigation into the testing and commissioning requirements of IEC 61850 Station Bus Substations. [USQ Project]

Lang, Jason (2015) Energy efficiency improvement in coal fired power plant through operational optimisation. [USQ Project]

Marsh, Scott (2015) Remote identification of overhead conductor materials. [USQ Project]

Hohenhaus, Paul (2015) Remote management of safety systems in power utility installations. [USQ Project]

John, Benjamin Allan (2014) Optimisation of an electric powered air-gliding skateboard. [USQ Project]

Atkinson, Andrew Peter (2014) Effect of variations in load profile on power transformer cyclic ratings. [USQ Project]

Sunzu, Tony Bonaventure (2014) Improving electricity network utilisation with distributed energy storage systems. [USQ Project]

Pratt, Andrew (2014) Prevention of electrical accidents with safe personal protective bonding and earthing. [USQ Project]

McDowell, Nigel A. J. (2014) Teleprotection signalling over an IP/MPLS network. [USQ Project]

Edwards, D. (2014) Terrestrial laser scanning for 3D zone substation modelling and safety clearances. [USQ Project]

Yadav, Orunganti Vara Prasad (2014) Voltage control in micro-grids. [USQ Project]

Lanigan, Christopher John (2013) Implementation of a condition monitoring program for high voltage (HV) assets for the Santos GLNG Project. [USQ Project]

Ellis, N. (2013) Inspection of power transmission lines using UAVs. [USQ Project]

Geary, A. (2013) Model and analysis of a broken conductor (source isolated) earth fault on radial 11kV distribution feeders. [USQ Project]

Couch, P. (2013) Subtransmission line cost reduction through optimised design, 132 kV Wellington-Dubbo case study. [USQ Project]

Pasanduka, Timothy (2013) Systematic procedure to determine line current differential relay settings with back up distance for a 500 kV ac three phase line. [USQ Project]

Nobbs, Rebecca (2012) Development of advanced SWER models for the Ergon Energy network. [USQ Project]

Cameron, Rick (2012) Effects of on-board HHO and water injection in a diesel generator. [USQ Project]

Duffy, Michael Anthony (2012) Investigation into the impacts on 11kV feeder operation as a result of the increasing use of amorphous core transformers. [USQ Project]

Flynn, Christopher James (2012) MATLAB based energy market simulator. [USQ Project]

Harriman, Adam J. (2011) Smart Grid for tomorrow’s electricity distribution. [USQ Project]

Atem, Thiew (2011) The skid mounted substation. [USQ Project]

Haenke, Michael (2010) The development of a wind and solar power calculator for use within the private sector. [USQ Project]

Mowat, David (2010) Callide C Power Station's generator protection system 'ride through capabilities' for various external faults. [USQ Project]

Millers, Paul Gordon (2010) The effects of small distributed generation on the electrical distribution network. [USQ Project]

Drew, Aaron Matthew (2009) DEA control interface, power system analysis, synchronisation and load management controls - design, construction and commissioning. [USQ Project]

Backman, Shane A. (2009) Development of a high voltage DLA test apparatus. [USQ Project]

Brandis, Cameron (2009) High voltage earthing system testing - an investigation into the effects of test lead coupling on test results. [USQ Project]

Scoines, Barry William (2009) Replacement of steam turbine drive with electric drive. [USQ Project]

Gianoulis, Cosmas (2006) Investigate the use of thermal protection for underground cables in Ergon Engery's electricity network. [USQ Project]

Fowler, Jason (2006) Cost effectiveness of suburban street lighting. [USQ Project]

Miletic, Alista (2005) Current controller for inverter bridge designed for grid-connected photovoltaic system. [USQ Project]

Ong, Gimhua (2005) Software development for power system analysis. [USQ Project]

Gray, David Thomas Chalmer (2004) Impact of demand-side management on substations. [USQ Project]

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