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Altamar, Rashed (2014) Fracture behaviour of fibre/polymer composites based on synthetic and natural fibres. [USQ Project]

Alqahtani, Rafi Ali (2014) Flexural properties of sisal fibre/epoxy Composites. [USQ Project]

Hatch, Daniel Roy (2014) Modal testing of existing supermarket floor systems and predictive finite element modelling for better design. [USQ Project]

Fairbanks-Smith, Michael S. (2014) Use of fibre-optic (FBG) sensors in the structural health monitoring of a battlefield helicopter rotor blade. [USQ Project]

Griinke, Tyler John (2013) Development of an artificial neural network (ANN) for predicting tribological properties of kenaf fibre reinforced epoxy composites (KFRE). [USQ Project]

Alawad, Aziz (2013) Response surface methodology. [USQ Project]

Birch, Byrenn James Colin ORCID: (2013) Simulation of fibre Bragg grating (FBG) reflection spectrums using OptiGrating. [USQ Project]

Janse van Rensburg, Barnard (2013) The development of a light weight composite conveyor belt idler roller. [USQ Project]

Mandava, Jagan (2011) Mechanical behaviour of polymeric composition based on available natural fibres in Australia. [USQ Project]

Tomkins, Brock William (2011) Chemical resistance of geopolymer concrete against H2SO4 & NaOH. [USQ Project]

Brown, Steven (2011) Design of a high-shear geopolymer concrete mixer. [USQ Project]

Mautoga, Marau (2011) Fracture toughness of glass powder reinforced vinyl ester resin post cured in a conventional oven using flexural test. [USQ Project]

Peauril, Joshua (2011) Recycling glass fibre composites – process and viability. [USQ Project]

Kilian, Simone (2011) Sugarcane bagasse reinforced thermoplastic composites. [USQ Project]

Assiriyage, Buddhi Nuwan Lanka (2010) An investigation of aluminium/eproxy particulate composite system - impact/long-term behavior. [USQ Project]

Donald, Michael Craig (2010) Comparative properties of epoxy/sawdust composites with palm oil cured by microwave and thermal treatment. [USQ Project]

Tai, Ping (2010) Dielectric, thermal and mechanical properties of sawdust reinforced epoxy composites post-cured in microwaves. [USQ Project]

Bailey, Thomas Sullivan (2010) Environmentally friendly natural waste materials for use in civil structures. [USQ Project]

Bajracharya, Rohan Muni (2010) Structural evaluation of concrete-expanded polystyrene sandwich panels for slab applications. [USQ Project]

Pola, Nigel Peter (2010) Synthesis of modified phenolic resins using renewable materials for advanced composites in civil engineering structures. [USQ Project]

Plain, Matthew (2009) Behaviour of innovative fibre composite sandwich panels for structural applications. [USQ Project]

Pickford, Christopher Ian (2009) Behaviour of laminated fibre composite sandwich girders. [USQ Project]

Mayen, David Ayuen (2009) Composites from natural renewable resources in civil engineering: Epoxidized vegetable oil with epoxy resin, fly ash and sawdust fillers(mechanical, physical and structural properties). [USQ Project]

Manthey, Nathan William (2009) Environmentally friendly natural fibre composites with Qld. based vegetable oils. [USQ Project]

Cooney, Tyson (2009) Epoxidised resins from natural renewable resources. [USQ Project]

Huq, Rezwanul (2009) Flexural strength of three types of glass powder reinforced vinyl ester composites. [USQ Project]

Korowa, Geoffrey (2009) Fracture toughness of glass powder reinforced vinyl ester resin. [USQ Project]

Wu, Chao di (2009) Investigate the best percentage by weight of glass powder, as fillers in phenolic resins by using tensile tests. [USQ Project]

Taylor, Alan Owen (2009) Investigation on the fatigue behaviour of pultruded fibre composites. [USQ Project]

Eddine, Mustapha Jamal (2009) Measurement of fracture toughness, mechanical and electrical loss tangents of calcium carbonate reinforced vinyl ester composites. [USQ Project]

Zerbst, Samuel David William (2009) Temperature effects on a fibre reinforced polymer material. [USQ Project]

Zhong, Xiaoliang (2009) Tensile strength of sawdust reinforced vinyl ester composites. [USQ Project]

Rennie, Tristan James (2009) The effect of vandalism on fibre composite structures. [USQ Project]

Coulter, Allison Kerrie-Anne (2009) Use of Fiber Bragg grating sensors in structural health monitoring. [USQ Project]

Sawchuk, Mike (2008) Flexural strength SLG-reinforced phenolic composites cured in microwaves. [USQ Project]

Wong Wan Sie, Winxie (2007) Analysis and design of curtain wall systems for high rise buildings. [USQ Project]

Davey, Robert James (2006) Best percentage by weight of micro-spheres as fillers in phenolic resins, with fracture toughness as a benchmark. [USQ Project]

Gurney, Richard Noel (2006) Best percentage weight of microspheres as fillers in resin using three-point bending test. [USQ Project]

Chan, Wooi Lieh (2006) Fracture analysis of vinyl ester composites cured under microwave conditions. [USQ Project]

Ang, Soon Lim (2006) Predicting the crushing stress of composite materials. [USQ Project]

Chiu, Kwong Man Karen (2006) The use of recycled concrete aggregate in structural concrete around South East Queensland. [USQ Project]

Lee, Kuang Sheng (2006) Experimental study of the mechanical properties of particulate reinforced composite. [USQ Project]

Lee, Richard Anthony (2005) Micrographs of the fracture of vinyl ester composites cured by microwaves. [USQ Project]

Ang, Soh Fong (2004) Evaluation impact strength on particulate reinforced (25% and 33%) vinyl ester composite cured under microwave conditions. [USQ Project]

Tsang, Shing Hin (2004) Fracture analysis of vinyl ester composites under microwave condition. [USQ Project]

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