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Bartolo, Jack (2017) 2+1 Rural Highway Treatments in Queensland, Australia. [USQ Project]

Knipe, Russell Alexander (2014) 3D fluid modelling of the O.O. Madsen Bridge during flood. [USQ Project]

Pettersson, Declan (2016) 3D hydrologic features mapping with imaging rover. [USQ Project]

Redding, Bradley (2016) 3D modelling for surveying projects using unmanned arial vehicles (UAVs) and laser scanning. [USQ Project]

Knox, Donna (2004) 3D terrain visualisation and virtual fly-through for tourism conservation using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). [USQ Project]

Heng, Fook Hai (2008) 3D Terrestrial laser scanning for application in earthwork and topographical surveys. [USQ Project]

Bavarin, Rudolph Edouard (2006) 50 kW eddy current brake. [USQ Project]

Smith, B. (2010) A biomechanical analysis for improved ergonomics in metal detector products using trajectory optimisation. [USQ Project]

Jurman, Shaun (2018) A case study approach to modular housing design & manufacturing systems. [USQ Project]

Cale, Florentino (2021) A Case Study in Failure Analysis and Material Selection of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) of Piping Components in Oil and Gas. [USQ Project]

Davis, Aaron (2016) A civil engineering feasibility study on a sustainable pumped hydroelectricity plant at Wivenhoe. [USQ Project]

Price, Daniel (2007) A comparative review of attributes of engineers in senior management roles. [USQ Project]

Barre, Christopher (2018) A Comparative Study of and Modern Techniques for Accurate Internal Space Measurements. [USQ Project]

Davison, Andrew (2017) A comparative study of using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in surveying projects. [USQ Project]

Remington, Callum (2021) A comparative study on determining primary and secondary stress levels in boiler valve bodies between FEA simulations, RemLife, and the ASME BPVC Section III Division I NB approach. [USQ Project]

Hager, Marcus Timothy (2017) A Comparative Study on UAV Photogrammetry. [USQ Project]

Lee, Greg (2019) A Comparison Analysis into Flange Survey Techniques. [USQ Project]

Stanford, Rawdon (2020) A comparison of 'AS/NZS 1170.2:2011 Wind Actions' and structural analysis software packages for design of structures. [USQ Project]

Marion, Michael (2011) A comparison of AUSGeoid09 and AUSGeoid98 in the Hawkesbury Valley. [USQ Project]

Strahley, Matthew (2011) A comparison of depth sounder positioning techniques for hydrographic/bathymetric surveys. [USQ Project]

Rolph, David Gordon (2006) A comparison of DGPS correction sources in South Eastern Queensland. [USQ Project]

Dark, Michael (2017) A comparison of mobile phone 3D images and total station data for spatial interpretation of structures. [USQ Project]

Dorahy, Will Paul (2008) A comparison of remotely sensed terrestrial spatial information. [USQ Project]

Hooson, Mitchell D (2015) A comparison of the limitations and accuracy of both obstructed prism and obstructed non-prism measurements. [USQ Project]

Cole, Andrew James Shorten (2009) A comprehensive study of footing on c-φ soil slopes - numerical and physical modelling. [USQ Project]

Bowles, Yvonne Elizabeth (2013) A consistent approach to headlight screens in NSW. [USQ Project]

Dakers, Nicole (2009) A cost benefit analysis of rural residential water supply – constant flow vs. full pressure. [USQ Project]

Champion, Scott (2017) A Cost Benefit Analysis of Vertical Measurement Tools for Differential Levelling. [USQ Project]

McTegg, Stephen (2019) A criteria based approach to unmanned aerial vehicle regulations. [USQ Project]

Welsby, Trevor (2017) A Distributed Sensor Array for Rapid and Low Cost Oceanic Air Crash Localisation. [USQ Project]

Thompson, Dean (2005) A four quadrant adjustable speed drive for series wound DC motors. [USQ Project]

Trent, Stephen Wade (2005) A habitat suitability index model for the trapdoor spider species, 'Arbanitis variabilis'. [USQ Project]

Motswagae, Tshepo (2011) A laboratory experiment based on the ‘Segway’. [USQ Project]

Bernardel, George (2004) A MATLAB-based framework for engineering design evaluation via virtual prototyping. [USQ Project]

Tanoi, Levei (2005) A model to establish a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) testing and validation center at the University of Southern Queensland. [USQ Project]

Malpress, Ray (2007) A new internal combustion engine configuration - opposed piston with crank offset. [USQ Project]

Coonan, Tom (2022) A New Supplementary Binder in Foamed Bitumen Stabilisation. [USQ Project]

Keightley, Anthony J (2016) A numerical investigation into sinkhole formation. [USQ Project]

Fichera, Anthony (2011) A practical comparison of VISSIM and SIDRA for the assessment of development impacts. [USQ Project]

Kirkpatrick, Gail (2018) A predictive tool for water utilities to gauge electricity expenditure in a dynamic energy market. [USQ Project]

Randall, Neil William (2011) A preliminary analysis of the effectiveness of the new QLD GDL program. [USQ Project]

Freeman, Bryan (2013) A preliminary feasibility study for transporting Surat Basin export coal using Maglev technology. [USQ Project]

Wahbe, Martin (2017) A Qualitative Assessment of Close Range Photogrammetry for use in measuring Stratas/Stratums. [USQ Project]

Rizzo Naudi, Antonello (2005) A quality assurance system at the Land Survey and Mapping Unit (Malta). [USQ Project]

Mylrea, Cliff (2020) A Reliability Centered Maintenance program incorporating probabilistic based simulation. [USQ Project]

Reinbott, Nigel (2009) A review and update of the supply chain documentation within Amcor Flexibles. [USQ Project]

Mayo, Benjamin Marc (2008) A Review of a cadastral boundary adjustment software program. [USQ Project]

Batstone, Seamus (2021) A review of smoke dispersion models for smoke pollution hazard mitigation associated with controlled, forest fuel reduction burns. [USQ Project]

Mulliss, Michael Stephen (2009) A review of the application of adverse possession within the Torrens system of land regulation in Australia. [USQ Project]

Nash, Lachlan (2015) A review of warrants for traffic barriers in divided carriageway medians. [USQ Project]

Strack, Anita Leigh (2015) A review on Australian mine haul road design procedures. [USQ Project]

Amerri, Ali (2021) A Simulation Study on Bamboo Fiber Based Composite Bricks. [USQ Project]

Lee, Chang Long (2005) A study and evaluation on Seri Wawasan bridge in Putrajaya, Malaysia. [USQ Project]

Kannapiran, Ram Kumar M. (2005) A study and evaluation on SMART Project, Malaysia. [USQ Project]

Robinson, Adam (2015) A study into the behaviour of FRP bolted connections. [USQ Project]

Leow, Jia Hui (2005) A study of building foundations in Malaysia. [USQ Project]

O'May, David Victor (2007) A study of pavement performance on the Gatton Bypass Duplication. [USQ Project]

Roberts, Andrew (2018) A study of the accuracy of oblique image capture in UAV Photogrammetry. [USQ Project]

Grant, Robert Kenneth (2005) A study of the ground and vegetation effects on the propagation of road traffic noise in south east Queensland. [USQ Project]

Lau, Chau Chin (2004) A study on concrete faced rockfill dams. [USQ Project]

Cook, Matthew Peter (2018) A study on formability issues in advanced high strength steel. [USQ Project]

Flood, Zack (2018) A Study on the Effect of External Parameters on Expansive Soils. [USQ Project]

Robertson, Alister (2018) A Sustainable Approach to Single Lot Residential Stormwater Disposal. [USQ Project]

Minchev, Grant (2018) A Sustainable Focus on Rural Town Main Streets & Highway Initiatives. [USQ Project]

Whittaker, Bob (2023) A Sweet Use of Adversity – National Servicemen in Vietnam. [USQ Project]

Hogan, Matthew Julian (2014) A test facility for assessing the performance of IEC61850 substation automation designs. [USQ Project]

Jordan, Benjamin W. D. (2009) A touch-screen controlled 'Linear Predictive Synthesizer' for accessibility applications. [USQ Project]

Dhakal, Bibek (2016) A trade-based approach for defects management in residential construction. [USQ Project]

Arnold, Matthew David (2008) A two-dimensional analysis of the bearing capacity of footings near slopes. [USQ Project]

Lowry, Mark (2016) A validation of the model for effluent disposal using land irrigation (MEDLI). [USQ Project]

Moore, Cassandra (2020) A Verification of AprilTags for a Pharmacy Application. [USQ Project]

Coogan, Tim (2022) A Water Sensitive Urban Design approach to mitigate the effects of Rainfall Derived Infiltration and inflow on existing sewerage systems. [USQ Project]

Long, Derek ORCID: (2013) A.R Drone vision-guided searching. [USQ Project]

Nelson-White, Greg (2006) Abandoned shafts study (Charters Towers): a spatial solution. [USQ Project]

Kereczko, John (2018) AC Chopper Series Voltage Reg Applications. [USQ Project]

Bill, Nana (2017) Accounting for Climate Variability in the Design of Rain-fed Water Supply Systems in Papua New Guinea. [USQ Project]

Sinderberry, Mark (2007) Accuracy assessment of 3D laser scanning data utilising different registration methods. [USQ Project]

Sharkey, Luke (2019) Accuracy Assessment of the Riegl VMQ-­‐1HA Mobile Laser Scanner. [USQ Project]

Reynolds, Jeremy (2006) Accuracy assessment of VRS in a dynamic environment. [USQ Project]

Stephens, James Finlay (2004) Accuracy evaluation of 3-D laser imaging scans. [USQ Project]

Bell, Mitchell (2013) Accuracy of a machine guided grader. [USQ Project]

Hughes, Neil (2006) Accuracy of volumes from MX(moss) design software. [USQ Project]

Burgess, Liam P. (2018) Accurate 3-D Modelling from DSLR Images for Residential Design Purposes. [USQ Project]

McCairns, Michael (2018) Achieving effective control of deaeration chemical dosing using artificial neural networks. [USQ Project]

Witton, Caleb (2020) Acoustic measurement methods in forced flow vortex dispersion within a paint manufacturing process. [USQ Project]

Lister, Gregory (2006) Active vibration control. [USQ Project]

Peckett, Damian (2013) Adaptive Markov decision control of high-frequency drip irrigation systems. [USQ Project]

Mehoub, Gabrel (2013) Adhesive wear and frictional behaviour of glass fibre reinforced thermoset composites. [USQ Project]

Almuhaini, Hamad (2019) Adhesive wear of rubber in mining application under dry contact condition. [USQ Project]

McCarthy, Cheryl ORCID: (2004) Advance rate measurement for furrow irrigation. [USQ Project]

Peters, Renee (2011) Advanced analysis of shallow foundations located near slopes. [USQ Project]

Reitano, Kieran (2021) Advanced Process Control Applications in Complex Industrial Processes. [USQ Project]

Coppen, John (2004) Advanced wastewater treatment systems. [USQ Project]

Cox, Jeremy Neil (2010) Advantages and practicality of using a 2D hydrodynamic model in comparison to a 1D hydrodynamic model in a flood prone area. [USQ Project]

Padda, Ranjit Singh (2008) Air flow through two layered mesh at varying porosity and spacing. [USQ Project]

Sana, Newman (2013) Air particle monitoring using image processing. [USQ Project]

Schuster, Robert (2022) Airborne Observation Controller. [USQ Project]

Milne, G. (2009) Airframe development and flight testing for entry into the 2009 Outback Challenge. [USQ Project]

Quinlivan, Patrick (2021) Albury Wodonga Bus Network Assessment Model. [USQ Project]

Knight, Tracey Anne (2014) Alkali-silica reaction in concrete bridge piles: strengthening with fibre-reinforced polymers. [USQ Project]

Knight, Tracey Anne (2014) Alkali-silica reaction in concrete bridge piles: treatment and strengthening with fibre-reinforced polymers. [USQ Project]

Somerville, Jarrod (2021) Alluvial Geology of North-West Sydney and its Impact on Development. [USQ Project]

Crone, Jeffrey John (2009) Alternate pavement types on reactive soils in the Ipswich Council area. [USQ Project]

Marland, Michael (2014) Alternatives to SF6 in HV circuit breaker insulation. [USQ Project]

Rendle-Short, Kendric (2016) Alternator interrupting circuit for improving fuel economy. [USQ Project]

Charles, Andrew (2006) Ambient air temperature aeration controller. [USQ Project]

Van Bael, Tammee (2017) An Accessibility Investigation of the Gold Coast Light Rail System. [USQ Project]

Bartlett, Luke (2017) An Accuracy Comparison between GPS Surveying and UAV Surveying on Seawall Monitoring. [USQ Project]

Boully, Jacinda (2014) An analysis of human behaviour which can cause fatalities in the bus and train tunnel during a tunnel fire event. [USQ Project]

Carlin, Steven (2015) An analysis of kinetic energy recovery systems and their potential for contemporary internal combustion engine powered vehicles. [USQ Project]

O'Callaghan, Adam (2014) An analysis of roadbase materials used in foamed bitumen stabilisation. [USQ Project]

Conway, Benjamin (2018) An Analysis of Thermal Storage of Solar Energy. [USQ Project]

Cook, Alex (2018) An Analysis on the Effect of Free Station Traversing on the Uncertainties Associated with Control Points, in both an Open and a Closed Traverse. [USQ Project]

Hundloe, Kyle (2020) An assessment of durability and mechanical properties of post-consumer polypropylene fibre reinforced concrete. [USQ Project]

Steel, Simon (2018) An Assessment of Elsholz Redirective Concrete Kerb on Road Safety. [USQ Project]

Fitzgerald, Samuel Jesse (2015) An assessment of rural road network resilience as a critical infrastructure for coal seam gas development in regional Queensland. [USQ Project]

Noon, Jarred (2016) An assessment of the deceleration on horizontal curve component of the Austroads operating speed estimation model. [USQ Project]

Clarke, Timothy Lewis (2004) An autonomous bird deterrent system. [USQ Project]

Baxter, Melissa Hope (2014) An energy and carbon audit of Mornington Peninsula Shire Council. [USQ Project]

Boylan, Richard (2016) An evaluation of the performance of two different global satellite navigation systems, Trimble’s CenterPoint RTX and a conventional network RTK system. [USQ Project]

Paul, Gregory (2015) An evaluation of traffic calming devices for major highways passing through rural Australian communities. [USQ Project]

Rowlings, David Selwyn (2010) An experimental and theoretical investigation of side weirs. [USQ Project]

Quarisa, Matthew (2005) An inexpensive hardware-based identification system for improved computer security. [USQ Project]

Goold, Bradley (2014) An innovative intelligent system for child care & safety applications using ZigBee Wireless Sensing Networks. [USQ Project]

Herbert, James Feleciano (2018) An Instrumented Approach to the Classification of Alcoholic Beverages: Combining PTR-ToF Mass Spectrometry, with Machine Learning. [USQ Project]

Jennings, Clinton (2022) An integrated “Mine to Mill” automation methodology applied to Sanbrado. [USQ Project]

Fagg, Ashton (2012) An intelligent vision system for wildlife monitoring. [USQ Project]

Lynch, Jason Michael (2005) An internet based SCADA system. [USQ Project]

Ogilvie, Heath Stewart (2018) An Investigation Aimed at Improving Subsidence Monitoring by Combining LiDAR with Traditional Survey Methodologies. [USQ Project]

Skipworth, Julian (2010) An investigation and quantitative analysis of the impacts on stream flow and fluvial erosion associated with urbanisation of a small catchment. [USQ Project]

Scott, Cameron (2018) An investigation into an alternative on-site stormwater detention structure to increase capacity and reduce spatial footprint and economic impact. [USQ Project]

George, Phillip (2021) An Investigation into design and construction of a leachate dam in Lismore. [USQ Project]

Miles, Stuart (2017) An Investigation into harvesting electrical energy from plants through the Rhizo-deposition process in Australian environmental and climatic conditions. [USQ Project]

van Rensburg, Henriette Janse (2017) An investigation into increasing the fatigue life of an electric shovel dipper handle. [USQ Project]

Hancock, Robert John (2015) An investigation into LandXML for implementation of 3D Cadastre in eSurvey. [USQ Project]

Archbold, Scott (2016) An investigation into the accuracies and limitations of different methods of connecting to datum. [USQ Project]

Weyman-Jones, Ashley (2010) An investigation into the accuracy and limitations of automatic target recognition in total stations. [USQ Project]

Stanley, Matthew (2010) An investigation into the Australian height datum on Ballina Island. [USQ Project]

Maunder, David (2007) An investigation into the establishment of a continuously operating GPS reference station at Dubbo City Council, Central West NSW. [USQ Project]

Buckley, Paul (2019) An investigation into the feasibility of micro scale pyrolysis powered by renewable energy. [USQ Project]

Madden-Holmes, Ben (2010) An investigation into the legislative changes affecting tidal boundaries in Queensland. [USQ Project]

Heit, Andrew (2011) An investigation into the parameters that affect the swell factor used in volume and design calculations at Callide open cut coal mine. [USQ Project]

King, Matthew (2016) An investigation into the potential benefit/value of Ipswich CBD residential revitalisation. [USQ Project]

Robertson, Samuel (2019) An investigation into the reduction of ongoing maintenance costs by sealing fullwidth on two-way, rural roads. [USQ Project]

Temple-Watts, Philip (2011) An investigation into the suitability Of volunteered information to create a flood extent map. [USQ Project]

Accendere, Robert Peter (2015) An Investigation into the testing and commissioning requirements of IEC 61850 Station Bus Substations. [USQ Project]

Pinkstone, Jared William (2017) An Investigation into the use of a RTK GNSS and a Digital Depth Sounder for Mapping a Tidal River Bed. [USQ Project]

Brice, Joshua (2009) An investigation into the Victorian permanent survey mark infrastructure. [USQ Project]

Assiriyage, Buddhi Nuwan Lanka (2010) An investigation of aluminium/eproxy particulate composite system - impact/long-term behavior. [USQ Project]

Wady, Vaughan (2009) An investigation of land and property information (NSW) proposed E-Plan process of digital survey plan lodgement in LandXML format. [USQ Project]

Shaw, Mark Andrew (2010) An investigation of roles and development pattern of regional airports, Queensland Australia. [USQ Project]

Courtis, Peter (2020) An investigation of small-scale wave energy converters for marine sensors. [USQ Project]

Mbambe, Putumani (2020) An investigation of the key barriers preventing development of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the South African construction industry. [USQ Project]

Mccullagh, Harry James (2016) An investigation of the predictive accuracy of salinity forecast using the source IMS for the Murray-Darling river. [USQ Project]

Klibbe, Christopher Aaron (2010) An investigation on the high water mark as a land boundary. [USQ Project]

Purvis, Alan (2015) An investigative study of road construction contract variations. [USQ Project]

Smith, Lachlan (2018) An Objective Criteria for the Determination of Non-Tidal Riparian Boundaries in NSW. [USQ Project]

Goodwin, Brent (2009) Analyse original marks and occupation used to reinstate boundaries for identification surveys. [USQ Project]

Porter, Simon (2015) Analysing geotechnical aspects of concrete pipe culverts. [USQ Project]

Campbell, Nicholas (2005) Analysing the effect of speed variation on irrigation efficiency in travelling irrigators. [USQ Project]

Wong Wan Sie, Winxie (2007) Analysis and design of curtain wall systems for high rise buildings. [USQ Project]

Chan, Man Piu (2005) Analysis and modeling of grouting and its application in civil engineering. [USQ Project]

Alenazi, Saud Khlaif K. (2010) Analysis and taxonomy of network quality of service (QoS) concepts in the long term evolution/system architecture evolution (LTE/SAE) System. [USQ Project]

Norley, Jake (2017) Analysis of a High Performance Hydraulic System by Numerical Methods. [USQ Project]

Fraser, Mark John (2008) Analysis of a no-till toolbar for a two wheeled tractor. [USQ Project]

Janke, Scott (2005) Analysis of a sheet metal bucket elevator head. [USQ Project]

Whittle, William (2018) Analysis of a Thermal Oxidiser Systems’ Behaviour using Numerical Methods. [USQ Project]

Pathiranage, Thilini (2015) Analysis of bridge failure due to Cyclone Marcia in Central Queensland using fault tree method. [USQ Project]

Jordan, Bradley (2015) Analysis of bridges subjected to flood loadings based on different design standards. [USQ Project]

Hooper, James Andrew (2006) Analysis of catchment G in Oakey's sewer network. [USQ Project]

Sedgman, Kristan (2016) Analysis of circular section blade profiles in a simple peripheral drag VAWT: design investigations and performance modelling. [USQ Project]

Stainwall, Haren (2016) Analysis of culverts during extreme flood events. [USQ Project]

Clarke, Jason (2010) Analysis of data to develop models for spray combustion. [USQ Project]

Cheah, Siew Lee (2004) Analysis of engine performance using palm oil methyl ester. [USQ Project]

McEvoy, Chris (2017) Analysis of Engineered Cementitious Composite Bond Strength for Grouting Reinforcement to Concrete Members. [USQ Project]

Crosby, James (2021) Analysis of Flow Characteristics Within USQ's Icing Wind Tunnel. [USQ Project]

Keleher, Matthew (2011) Analysis of high-speed rural traffic crashes within the South-West district of Toowoomba regional council. [USQ Project]

de Leeuw, Gert Johannes Schreuder (2007) Analysis of hydraulic transients in pipeline networks. [USQ Project]

Clarke, Michael (2021) Analysis of improving Railway transition zones in the Queensland Rail network: intervention in super structure components. [USQ Project]

Alves, Billy Michael (2022) Analysis of Inflow and Infiltration in a Low-Pressure Sewer System. [USQ Project]

Rowles, Mitchell (2019) Analysis of Influencing Factors of Construction Project Complexity from Different Stakeholders Perspectives. [USQ Project]

Peters, Ken Kehinde (2017) Analysis of Kinetic Energy Recovery System Retrofit in conjunction with an Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles. [USQ Project]

Whittington, Mitchell (2019) Analysis of Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) Ground Control Methods and Achievable Accuracies. [USQ Project]

Worrall, Nofoaluma (2006) Analysis of providing affordable electricity supply for the outer islands in the Maldives. [USQ Project]

Richardson, Megan (2016) Analysis of road crashes at roundabouts in Toowoomba. [USQ Project]

Milton, Ross (2016) Analysis of road safety trends at signalised intersections in Toowoomba. [USQ Project]

Rusconi, Luke (2016) Analysis of steady state vs dynamic modelling of groundwater mounding in development areas in WA. [USQ Project]

Lamont, Julian (2017) Analysis of the Accuracy of Emerging Consumer Photogrammetry Techniques. [USQ Project]

Basson, Johan (2013) Analysis of the aerodynamic attributes of motor vehicles. [USQ Project]

Walker, Scott (2015) Analysis of the behaviour of composite transom decks for railway bridges. [USQ Project]

Palmer, Matthew Alan (2010) Analysis of the feasibility of a 3D model for use in civil construction (creating a 3D model for the first span of a bridge). [USQ Project]

Patel, Jayesh (2016) Analysis of the potential for 100% renewable energy supply to Groote Eylandt. [USQ Project]

He, Mingqian Belinda (2006) Analysis of the recycling method for aluminum soda cans. [USQ Project]

Young, Lauren (2021) Analysis of the Suitability of Roundabouts for Heavy Vehicles driving at High Speeds in Queensland. [USQ Project]

Hagan, Mark (2018) Analysis of Traffic Control Systems for better coordination of Traffic Signals. [USQ Project]

McLean, Aaron (2018) Analysis of Traffic Flow through Roundabouts for Improving Performance. [USQ Project]

Ford, Albie (2022) Analysis of Traffic Speed Deflectometer (TSD) data on State Highways in Southland, New Zealand. [USQ Project]

Carson, Bradley (2016) Analysis of wall formwork in the Australian multi-storey construction industry. [USQ Project]

Baker, Trent (2016) Analysis on the behaviour of FRP reinforced concrete railway sleepers. [USQ Project]

Harber, Paul James (2005) Applicability of no-fines concrete as a road pavement. [USQ Project]

Davis, Kieren Peter (2009) Application of an urban runoff model using surface specific parameters. [USQ Project]

Brisolin, Jacob (2021) Application of Automated Road Fault Detection for Improved Asset Maintenance Planning. [USQ Project]

Carter, Andrew William (2006) Application of geographical information system in underground coal mine to assist operational management. [USQ Project]

Robertson, Thomas (2016) Application of MODIS and Google earth data to assess the health of the Mitchell grasslands through web based GIS. [USQ Project]

Wilson, Maree (2005) Applications of geospatial information technology for fire risk assessment and management in NSW. [USQ Project]

Ma, Xin (2018) Applications of Photogrammetric UAVs in Surveying Area: a comparison on topography survey, using UAV method and Conventional surveying method. [USQ Project]

Kimber, Robert Allen (2018) Applied Neural Network Modelling of Mobile Plant Equipment for use in Predictive Maintenance. [USQ Project]

Kapor, Alex (2021) Apply Advanced Process Control to Fine Screening Circuit in Large Mineral Processing Plant. [USQ Project]

Nooriafshar, Darius (2019) Applying Systems Engineering Approaches to the Management of Electrical Engineering Projects. [USQ Project]

Flores, Manuel (2020) Applying Urban Stormwater Modelling to Aquaculture Prawn Farm Effluent in Queensland. [USQ Project]

Dudman, Benjamin (2014) Aquaplaning assessment and mitigation in flat terrains. [USQ Project]

Sheridan, Liam (2014) Aquaplaning: an investigation of surface flow calculation. [USQ Project]

Dugdale, Paul Nicholas (2014) Arc flash protection of a low voltage motor control centre. [USQ Project]

Beccarelli, Ryan (2016) Arduino modbus simulator. [USQ Project]

Robert S, Ward (1991) Aspects of the geology of the Brandy Gully area, Yowah, Southwest Queensland. [USQ Project]

Harris, Matthew (2017) Assess the Viability of Aerial Baiting for Dingoes in South West Queensland Using GIS Based Weighted Linear Combination Modelling. [USQ Project]

Jacobs, Peter Gregory (2005) Assessing RTK GPS for a suburban survey practice. [USQ Project]

Zador, Tari (2016) Assessing spatial mismatch patterns in the Gold Coast. [USQ Project]

Harris, Jesse (2017) Assessing the impacts of Multi-Combination Vehicles on Motorways. [USQ Project]

Liddell, Benjamin Steven (2014) Assessing the true cost of design variations – a designer’s perspective. [USQ Project]

Taylor, Brett C. (2004) Assessment of appropriate pressure vessel flange bolt tension by finite element modelling. [USQ Project]

Lazarevic, Aleksandar (2019) Assessment of Automatic Target Recognition Against Manual Aiming in Conventional Establishment of Survey Control. [USQ Project]

Darr, Shawn Geoffrey (2004) Assessment of crop health in relation to competition from weeds: using balloon-borne images and pectrometer data. [USQ Project]

Babin, Robyn E. (2005) Assessment of factors influencing water reuse opportunities in Western Australia. [USQ Project]

Trent, Stephen Wade (2015) Assessment of habitat factors and development of a species distribution model for the long nosed potoroo (Potorous tridactylus tridactylus) in SEQ. [USQ Project]

Stanley, Thomas (2013) Assessment of the FARO 3D focus laser scanner for forest inventory. [USQ Project]

Tozer, Paul (2005) Assessment of the feasibility of a terrestrial scanner in underground and surface mining at BHPB Cannington mine. [USQ Project]

Watson, Liam Douglas (2016) Asset condition monitoring of Gympie regional council’s road network. [USQ Project]

Coe, Daniel (2010) Asset management for Tamworth Regional Council’s sewer network. [USQ Project]

Butler, Michael (2015) Asset management framework for NSW local government. [USQ Project]

Karunaharan, Janahan (2017) Asset Management Modelling. [USQ Project]

Thomson, Brendon (2020) Asset Management Planning for New Zealand Local Roads. [USQ Project]

Luckemeyer, Nils (2005) Assisted standing and walking mode for Robug IV eight legged robot. [USQ Project]

Stanton, Dale John (2010) Atterberg limits and their relationship to longitudinal cracking in granular pavements. [USQ Project]

Sussanna, Vittorio (2013) AUSGeoid09 performance in mountainous regions. [USQ Project]

Hill, Hamish (2022) Australian Carbon Credit Unit Calculator for Concrete Recycling Facility Use. [USQ Project]

Rousseau, Pierre (2020) Automated Identification of Insect Pests in Traps. [USQ Project]

Byles, K. (2016) Automated shark detection using computer vision. [USQ Project]

Walker, Cameron (2010) Automated soil compaction machine for the preparation of Califorian bearing ratio and proctor specimens. [USQ Project]

Hoang, Hung (2016) Automatic Circuit Recloser (ACR) communications using P25 RMU (Radio Modem Unit). [USQ Project]

Hugo, Michael (2006) Automatic roller shell groover. [USQ Project]

Richardson, Mark (2015) Automatic splint to prevent self-harm in autistic and brain injured people. [USQ Project]

Sands, Jeremy (2018) Automating Processes for Cross-checking Plans and Invert Levels for Laying Drainage Mains on Grade. [USQ Project]

Kohn, Hayden (2017) Automation & Optimisation of Soil Hardness Testing Device. [USQ Project]

Partridge, Toni Leigh (2006) Automation of a load-haul-dump (LHD) unit. [USQ Project]

Holzheimer, Carson Keith (2007) Automation of the rollingstock twist test. [USQ Project]

Pont, Jason (2019) Autonomous navigation of a partially unknown environment. [USQ Project]

Aqeil, Mohammad Tahir (2017) Autonomous Solar Panels Cleaning System. [USQ Project]

Littleton, Craig Andrew (2005) Autonomous unmanned aerial surveillance vehicle - autonomous control and flight dynamics. [USQ Project]

Kaliyev, Vladislav (2015) Axial Flux Permanent Magnet coreless machine. [USQ Project]

Kerr, Mitchell (2013) Axisymmetric scramjet inlet operation with varying cowl positions. [USQ Project]

Chandigere, Tarisai (2018) Backup Relay for 66kV Hub Substation Protection in the High Voltage Distribution Network. [USQ Project]

Mokonopi, Kealeboga (2006) Balancing a two wheeled robot. [USQ Project]

Ho, Khoon Chy Randal (2005) Balancing wheeled robot. [USQ Project]

Surtees, Mark Stephen James (2009) Bathymetric survey of flooded open cast mine workings. [USQ Project]

Smith, C. Morgan (2016) Battery SMART charge controller/combined co-gen grid connected inverter design and simulation. [USQ Project]

Wiya, Robert (2016) Behavior of concrete when using RAP (Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement) as a coarse aggregate material. [USQ Project]

Reibelt, Tyla (2017) Behaviour of concrete columns with different levels of steel corrosion and repaired with a composite Jacket. [USQ Project]

King, Job (2016) Behaviour of concrete with oil contamination and reinforced with fibres. [USQ Project]

Nicol, Lachlan Keith (2014) Behaviour of fibre composite walkways and grating. [USQ Project]

Klinge, Craig Desmond (2012) Behaviour of gang-nail plated timber joints in tension perpendicular to the grain. [USQ Project]

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